About us

We are a company committed to all homeless people. Also for those who have pets. Because you can't just dump pets. We offer shelter (also during the day) care and of course extra care for addicted homeless people who want to get rid of addiction. There are no more of those old fashioned unkempt homeless people. Anyone can become homeless. Currently, the counter here in the Netherlands stands at approximately 45,000 homeless people. This is an estimate only. This number is actually much more. It is expected that after the corana crises many more homeless people will be added. We want to prevent that. We are already in talks with a number of organizations to start working together. We are also in talks with a company that places houses or sleeping quarters. Because the cold months are coming want to act quickly. But we cannot do that alone. In order to achieve that, we ask for help from you. This can be done by donating. For more information look under the heading donation.

Are you the first to donate us ?! Because everyone deserves safe shelter!

Thanks in advance!

With best regards

François Linssen | Founder 't Keihuis

Why we want to help these people?

Many people think and say that it is their own foult that they are homeless. But that’s no always the case, 10% have chosen it themselvels. People from all walks of life sometimes become homeless. That can happen to a construction worker but also to a lawyer. Why does that happen to these people? Well that’s pretty simple, people get divorced, leaving one on the street, due to a too high mortgage or high insurance, due to much too high energy costs or too high illness costs, and the ever-creasing costs. These problems have been created by the government. They raise prices of everything and don’t give a pay raise. That’s how people get in trouble. When homeless people end up on the street, they soon become addicted to something. Making them steal beg and rob people. And in some, addiction is the cause of the problem. In our city of Eindhoven there are 25.000 people living below the poverty line alone, of which 5.000 children. And 1300 people who are homeless. 45.000 people are homeless troughout the Netherlands. Those are the numbers that shocked us, you probably too. You would think that does occur in such a rich country as the Netherlands. But believe us poverty is everywhere in the world.

How did we come up with this idea;

We met a man who had just become homeless, the man’s wife had just died. His wife was the breadwinner and could not afford certain insurance policies. The man had too little benefit to be able to pay the rent and the fixed costs. We decided to follow the man for the next 3 weeks. First the man reported to a shelter home, where he was refused because the reception was full. So the man had to sleep on the first day, because the man has difficulty walking, this is not a solution. Incidentally the reception center is only for the night. After which you are put out on the street at 8u30 am the next day. The man was advised to sign up with the Eindhoven direction team. There is a waiting list of 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks the man sleeps with friends family with me and on
the street. After 3 weeks the man called the management team. He was told that something had gone wrong, and whether he wanted to submit another form. He was promised to contact him within 1 week. 2 weeks passed and nothing heard from the direction team. In those 5 weeks health of the man has deteriorated And has lost 20 kilos. He decided to go to the management team’s talk hour. He received Follow up appointment that would place a next week later. In that week we were told by friends that he was in the hospital and he asked if we would like to visit him. He wanted to tell us the whole story. We decited to visit him. The first 3 weeks we knew how it went. He told us rest of the story ( as described above). We could not believe it but unfortunaley it is true! We promised him to do something about it. The next day the man died due a mix of stress sadness and pneumonia.
It is a sad story and we are mad. We thought this should and could be better and faster. So that’s how we came up with this idea. With this idea it can be better and faster. But we can not afford this idea ourselves, so we are looking for investor or investors.

The benefits of these tiny houses are;

  • Help homeless people back to the society
  • Litlle costs to make it, depends on what you can get free.
  • Much less heating costs because we capture energy with solar panels.
  • May in increase in value in the future because the concept of tiny houses is still in its infancy.
  • Environment conscious also good for the climate.
  • Poor people can buy or rent an affordable home.
  • Fewer people sleeping on the street therefor less crime.
  • Those people get social or psychical help.
  • People get help good for environment and climate en ofcourse we profit its a triple win situation.
  • But the most important thing is that are people helped.